Our goal at Impact Training Bicester is to provide a fun and welcoming environment, where anyone can join our community and reach their health and fitness goals.

E12 Telford Road, Bicester, OX264LD


Our Group Sessions

When you sign up with us you don’t just get ‘classes’ where an instructor stands at the front and you just copy them. What we offer is group training. This is a middle ground between personal training and group classes. Our qualified coaches will teach you the proper movements and techniques during class and you’ll also get pointers and feedback like you would with a personal trainer. You also get the motivation, social and fun element that comes with being in a group class, without feeling lost or overwhelmed, this is why we think our group training is the perfect mix.


Our IMPACT Fit group sessions are a Strength and Functional fitness program that is suitable for those of all abilities. We us constantly varied high intensity functional movements to increase all round fitness ensuring that our members are ready for anything that life throws at them.

In the IMPACT Fit group sessions you can expect to see a wide variety of different tools and exercises used, including cardio, weightlifting, bodyweight and gymnastics, but the important thing is that we ensure the class is suitable for all abilities and levels whether you are just getting into the gym and fitness or you are a more experienced athlete. Through using proper progressions we can ensure that everyone is working hard and most importantly having fun!

Beginners Course

If you are interested in joining the Fit group sessions the best place to start is to book a place on one of our beginners courses. The beginners course includes 6 sessions over 3 weeks where we teach you the basic skills and progressions that we use in the IMPACT Fit group sessions.

You can sign up for a beginners course on the packages page or please send us an email with any questions


Our IMPACT HIIT group sessions are 60 minute sessions where the focus is building your fitness, getting a good sweat and having fun. These sessions will include lighter and less technical movements.


You don’t need any experience to take part in these sessions and you don’t need to attend the beginners course.

IMPACT Gymnastics

Our IMPACT Gymnastics sessions break down the gymnastics movements that we use in the Fit sessions and look at a variety of drills to improve strength and mobility in these movements. These sessions are also suitable for beginners and anyone looking to improve their gymnastic strength.

IMPACT Weightlifting

Our IMPACT Weightlifting sessions are technique based group sessions where we break down and use drills to learn and improve the technique in the Snatch and Clean & Jerk.

IMPACT Team Sweat

Our Saturday Team Sweat sessions are a 75 min class where you will complete a longer 40-45 min workout in pairs or small teams. The goal of these sessions is to get on a good sweat and have a fun weekend session.

IMPACT Mobility

In our IMPACT Mobility sessions we will teach you different self massage and mobility drills to help improve joint range of motion and aid correct functional movements. We will use tools such as; foam rollers, lacrosse balls and mobility bands to help improve your mobility.


IMPACT Flexibility

Our IMPACT Flexibility sessions are a 60 min dynamic Vinyasa Flow Class led by Vicky Leun. This is a perfect way to relax and improve your flexibility at the end of the week.

CFB Competitors

This is a training plan for our members who wish to compete in CrossFit as a sport. The program has workouts throughout the week and there are also competitor sessions Friday evening and Saturday afternoon. Speak to Josh for more info about the program or if you are interested in competing.


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